Q. What is drop or drop-off catering?

  • Drop-off catering applies to catering services not associated with a location or truck. Full Moon Pickles prepares food in our commissary kitchen in East LA, then delivers it to locations throughout the Los Angeles area, hot and ready-to-eat. Your driver will set everything up in a tasty buffet, and then strike it at the end if the meal.

Q. Do you deliver outside of the Thirty Mile Studio Zone?

A. Yes. We can deliver outside TMZ. Please inquire for a specific location. Deliveries made outside TMZ subject to an additional fee.

Q.  What do you provide with service?

A. In addition to your healthy, delicious meal, we provide everything needed for standard service, including: cups, plates, cutlery, condiments, table cloths, napkins, and of course, pickles!

Q. What do you ask production to provide?

A. We ask production to provide tables, chairs and pop-ups, including three 6ft tables for catering to utilize. We also ask that production provide at least one trash can for catering to utilize and be responsible for trash removal.

Q. How much time does your driver need to set up?

A. For breakfast we ask for 30 mins to set up. For lunch, we ask for 1 hour of set-up time, for a ready-to-serve 15 minutes prior to scheduled lunch.

Q. Do you cater for night shoots and second meals?

A. Yes. Full Moon Pickles is open for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services provided between 9pm and 5am, subject to additional fees.

Q. Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

A. Our menus are always clearly labeled to indicate vegan and gluten free options, as well as nut allergies.  Menus are carefully constructed to be at least 60% vegan, and 75% gluten free.  For additional allergies and dietary restrictions, please contact us to discuss options.

Q. Do you offer craft service?

        A. No, at this time we are not offering craft services.